Chip Olson is an award-winning visual artist, photographer, poet  and filmmaker who currently lives in Thailand.

His wide range of creative styles and techniques include: Abstract Art, Natural Light, Landscape, Travel, Portrait, Long Exposure, Wide Angle, Graphic Art, Live Music, Spirit Art, Lifestyle, Resort and Hotel Photography and what he calls 'Kinetic Energy.'

Chip captures moments so beautiful with his images and his storytelling brilliance really shines. His organic approach to creating his images combined with his desire to only shoot with natural light adds to his expression and gives him a unique perspective as both a  commercial photographer and a visual artist.

Chip is the first person to tell you he takes no credit for the art he creates. He has had no training at all and has learned his skills over the last 9 years by embracing what he calls the 'Art of Creativity.'

"To me, it's more Poetography than Photography!
I have always been awed by the power of images and the ability to capture the spirit of the moment, the beauty and natural energy of it all - in a single photographic image.
I truly believe that capturing moments so powerful and personal where the image not only tells a story, but forces one to experience it both mentally, spiritually and emotionally is the art of Creativity.  I believe it is a natural part of our spiritual being - one that empowers us to transcend the action itself - becoming in effect a natural instinct. 
We are all equally powerful artists on a path to discover our own form of creativity and expression and to succeed at this one needs to simply LISTEN. Remember as children we all had an artist within. It has not disappeared! We have simply been conditioned to believe that skill, talent and ability are required in order to claim to be an artist or to invite creativity and expression into our daily life. 
There is no right or wrong when it comes to discovering your own creative spirit.  We all have the ability to become the paint, the brush and the canvas all at once. 
To me there is nothing worse than being called creative and talented by someone who has just viewed my images or art and all they can state is how they wish they could create, but they don’t believe they can at all.
Is art not meant to inspire, to cause a response or a reaction that doesn’t need to be defined or characterized as either right or wrong?
To say I am an artist means a hundred other people have to wonder if they qualify to be called by name a label that at least today is in favor and regarded as a positive label to be called.
You can live to love or love to hate. It's that simple. You have the power to choose your own fate -  you can walk alone or step aside that’s your choice - to live, to love, to learn or to lose.

Why not walk free and explore; step where no man has stepped before! There is a distant horizon to every land and you don’t need to consult some fancy oracle to make your stand.  You do realize that you’re the confines of your own box! Are you going to stay at home or start to walk?

Do you want to be a creative sage, a suppository for all the constipated rage that has accumulated from the crap we've been fed? Or do you want to stay an imprisoned man in a cell you create when you don’t try to understand?

Just realize that today is the tomorrow that we all worried about yesterday!  We better ask ourselves “Was it worth it?” Because we know that’s not the path…To worry about the future and dwell on the past.? 

We've been stuck in a room with four walls  and a door that we don’t have a key for and it’s been that way for quite some time - face to face with that same locked door - and we bounce around the room and we bounce around some more.  And sometimes we bounce off the floor and sometimes we bounce back a bit too far and wander back down the same path that we’ve been down so many times before!

And we try again to open that same door even though we know there’s no key just like there was no key before.  But maybe that’s the heart of the problem- that  we know that we know.  That we know that we know that we know - you know?

What if that is the answer after all. What if that is the key that we have been looking for that will open that door and finally set us free?

Maybe If we just forget what we know and what we know that we know that we know, we just might find that the key never even existed at all; that the door in fact is just an imaginary wall that was never even locked at all.

And that if we knew what we now know that we now know that we always knew - we could have simply just walked right on through!

So now that we know that we knew that we knew that we know that we knew,  do we know exactly what to do? I guess I’ll just walk on through! How about you?

- Chip Olson